Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Well, we kept it simple, sweet and fun for our St. Pat’s celebrations.  We started yesterday with some craft prep and a few lessons on St. Patrick.  We painted some Styrofoam bowls green and added rainbow colored chenille sticks for handles for our “pots of gold.”

100_9288 Geesh, creativity is messy.  I found this neat idea at FamilyCorner.com.  It didn’t really work like it said it would for us, but we enjoyed it anyway.  Basically you put some Styrofoam cups on dark cookie sheets and bake them for 3 minutes at 250.  They not only shrink, but the bottoms “puddle” and form the brim for a leprechaun hat.

lephat This is what they were supposed to look like.

100_9284 This is how ours turned out.  Oh well, a couple of them slightly resembled hats so we did paint and decorate them. 

100_9341 Keeping it real, folks!

I found a printable mini book about St. Patrick at EnchantedLearning.com and had the boys each do a different page…ds2 colored the map of Ireland, ds3 colored the cover, ds4 colored a page, etc.  That way we all learned a little something and all contributed. 

Today ds4 placed Fruit Loops on a rainbow chart…eat breakfast and learn colors at the same time lol.  Isn’t that a cute little ceramic bunny egg holder in the background?  Got that for 2 bucks at the antique shop. :)


We all played a game I found at Kidssoup that was fun and helped teach addition and subtraction.

100_9398 Our gold was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups lol.

100_9400 I was surprised at how well the younger boys did when they landed in a leprechaun hole and had to put all their “gold” back.  Ds4 cried a little, but didn’t give up.  In the end we all won a little “gold” and enjoyed our treat.

100_9401 We dressed up the lunch table with a green tablecloth and our little decorations.  See the cute rainbow and pot of gold ds2 crafted?  I made the cupcakes last night and just sprinkled green sugar on top…boys are so easy to impress lol.  We also had some Irish punch (lime sherbet and Sprite.)  A fun day that was relaxed and not too hard on the teacher.  Success!


  1. That sounds like a great day.
    We don´t celebrate that St.Patricks day in germany! But I like the green hads and clovers.
    Happy St.Patricks Day!

  2. Hats and games? I'm impressed. We drank some Guinness (yuk) and ate pizza (yum). Love Winnie in the laundry!

  3. Wow, seems more than simple to me, but surely looks like it was loads of fun! Very creative indeed! I will keep some of those in mind for next year!


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