Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Do You See What I See?


IMG_0184 What is Mimi peeking at?


IMG_0186 It certainly has Mimi excited!

IMG_0193 Could it be this fellow?  Silly little squirrel knocked down one of my bird feeders and was enjoying breakfast right there in front of Mimi.  Oh, how she wanted to join him!  But I don’t think seeds were on her menu. :)

For more cat fun, join in at Gattina’s.  Happy Tuesday Cat Lovers!


  1. Mimi had a nice TV show to watch ! We don't have a lot of squirrels here. I only see maybe one once in a blue moon !

  2. Mimi had a great view on the window!!! We never had a squirrel in our garden. Here in Germany they have red fur.
    They looks cute and fun for cats I think!

  3. Luna is quite fond of birds out the window, so we can understand being fascinated with the squirrel.

  4. Perhaps she thought there was a bird inside... birds on the ground would be a wonderful prize for kitty. Have a great day!

  5. Squirrels are fun to watch but they move fast and have strong claws. Careful Mimi!

  6. Yes, the seed is definitely not in her menu, maybe the squirell is, as a teether! haha!


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