Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Strange Bedfellows


IMG_0135 IMG_0145 IMG_0184

My kitties seem to pick the strangest places to hang out and take their naps!  That’s Mimi in the basket and my trash can (it’s the one by my computer…mostly paper thank goodness!) and then there is Winnie, sitting in the bird bath, looking like it’s perfectly normal to do so. :)  For more cat fun head over to Gattina’s.  Happy COT everyone!


  1. Hahaha ! cats are terrible they always find the best places or the funniest once in a house !
    Arthur slept for a while on the toilet cover, and was very upset when we had to interrupt his nap !

  2. LOL, isn't this the truth? I've found my cats sleeping in all kinds of weird places too!

  3. Ha! Ha! I like the picture with your kitty in the bird bath! I think little birds must wait to drink! Happy COT Julie!

  4. We cat love to explore the comfort of new nap places!


  5. Cute napping kitties. Cats always find the most interesting places to nap.

  6. Hehehe, those are funny places for a nap.The best is in the bird bath....poor birdies are surely afraid to take a bath there.
    Love cats in baskets, they looks so cute!
    That remind me to our Frieda which always took her nap in the kitchen herb pot.

  7. I sure like the bird bath the best! Smart cat is waiting for little 'friends' to drop by...haha!


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