Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Activities

Today we did a few Earth Day crafts and discussed ways to help our planet.  Ds4 had a lot of fun with this, although he didn’t really grasp a lot of it.  He did understand about not polluting our water and air, “Because the fishes need to breathe.”  How cute is that!  :)

First we made a Mr. Raindrop.  I had no idea he would like this so much!  He has been walking around and playing with this all morning.  Btw, all ideas came from Kidssoup.

IMG_0201 Here he is coloring the raindrop shape.  Next we painted it with  glue and sprinkled it with glitter.  I pasted it onto some cardboard to make it more sturdy (a great opportunity to illustrate reusing!)

IMG_0209 Add some googly eyes and it comes alive!

We made an earth sun catcher next.  You simply draw a circle on the non-sticky side of a sheet of contact paper (one of my favorite homeschooling supplies!) and outline some land areas.  Peel back the contact cover and place ripped pieces of tissue paper to represent the land and water.  Cover it with another sheet of contact and voila!

IMG_0208 Isn't’ it pretty?

Finally we cut out pictures from magazines of all the items you can recycle and sorted them onto the correct page of the kidssoup recycling booklet.

IMG_0210 IMG_0211 My ds2 is so darn clever, he added the top of a bleach bottle picture to the top of the booklet on the plastic page.  Cute!  My ds4 put a picture of a dog on the paper page, “Because a dog brings you the paper.”  :)

We will go on a nature walk later today and make a trip to the recycling center as well.  Happy Earth Day everyone!

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