Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Awards Scandal!


Like so many other people who let the glory of winning an award go to their head, I am sad to report it has happened to me as well. :(  Mimi and Winnie have officially filed charges against me to have my World’s Best Cat Mom award revoked.  The following images were leaked to the press…I am a goner!

IMG_0195 IMG_0198

Yes, it’s true, I…I…gave the cats a BATH!  (This is going to incriminate me even more, but don’t they look like bobble heads or something?  Big old heads and little skinny bodies?)

Anyway, I had applied a new flea/tick/mosquito killer to the cats and it left an awful stinky oily spot on their necks.  Of course they made it worse by rolling around in the dirt!  So, in order to clean them up and rid them of flea dander, I gave them their first baths.  Mimi was first, we figured she’s small and would be easy to handle.  Of course, imagine this happening in a tiny bathroom with my 3 boys looking on. Yeah.

IMG_0197 She fought and fought hard!  Meowed like we were killing her!  But she really enjoyed when it was over and we wrapped her in a towel and rubbed her dry.

IMG_0193 Next was Winnie, who is a huge cat and doesn’t like to be handled too much anyway.  He did super!  He didn’t like it at first, but then he just laid down and let us do our thing.  He did not want to be wrapped in the towel, preferring to dry himself.

IMG_0190 I have never seen so much licking in my life!  They were both exhausted afterwards.  Mimi retreated to her favorite napping spot and Winnie cuddled up with me to watch Biggest Loser.  They both are so soft now!  Even my dh commented, “Guess I can’t call them stinkin’ cats now.”  So, if asked to, I will relinquish my award, but I stand by my actions!

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