Monday, April 6, 2009

Truly A Happy Birthday Part 2: The Park

I had so many pics of the super fun day that the boys and I had on my bday that I decided to break up the posts.  Part one is here, our morning at the beach.  Next we headed into town and found a newly refurbished park.

IMG_0095 Ds4, my little monkey.  Well, my littlest monkey lol. :)

IMG_0099 Ds3.  I am loving my new camera, btw.

IMG_0127 Here is my “socially deprived” homeschooler, making new friends.  ;)

IMG_0114 Ds4 pretended the equipment was a pirate ship…here he is taking me on a tour of the “living room.”

IMG_0131 Ds4 made it up the climbing wall on his own!

IMG_0132 Sigh.  My baby is growing up.


IMG_0135 This is a shot of the gorgeous “tunnel of trees” that we pass under on our way into town.  I grew up a block away from this area.  The hurricanes have thinned them out a little over the years, but it’s still a wonder.

IMG_0152 Ds4 on the way home…worn plum out!  Rest up little one, we still have one more item on the bday agenda…a dinner out with the family!  Stay tuned. :)

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