Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Homeschool Distractions


Cats love homeschoolers.  My cats think we homeschool just for them. :)

IMG_0009 This day Winnie was in charge of supervising our school day.  Here he checks out the arts and crafts table.

IMG_0010 Now on to math with ds2.

IMG_0012 Yes, Winnie is one of the demanding cats…pet me or else!

IMG_0013 Or maybe he is just checking to make sure ds showered this morning lol.

IMG_0018 Oh let’s check out your math book, ds!

IMG_0023 Yes it looks in order.  Let’s just pause a while for my bath.

IMG_0027 Mom, please, we are trying to study here!

For more cat fun head over to Gattina’s.  Happy COT everyone!


  1. The cats are happy to learn with the kids.
    Here in Germany Homeschooling is not allowed. The Kids MUST go to school. The cats enjoy the silent in the house but they are glad when the kids come back from school in the noon. Then the Kids have to do their homeworks from school and the cats can help with it.

  2. You mean you *don't* homeschool just for the cats? lol

  3. Love the new blog makeover!
    I can't believe you are trying to homeschool your kids and not the cats. lol
    Sassie always comes and lays down on A.'s papers while he is trying to work. If that doesn't distract him she will stick her bottom in his face!

  4. That's a cute student you have there, I am sure that Winnie will become very intelligent, lol !

  5. Wow! The cats is reall having fun with the kids around!

    You know, I'd really like to know more about this home-schooling concept. Sounds like fun and less stress. But you need strong disciplines, right? Otherwise the kids might just not sit and study?


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