Monday, May 18, 2009

Disney Trip Report: Day 2 Part 2

After our fun morning in Hollywood Studios we headed back to the hotel for a break.  You know, we adults kid ourselves thinking “Oh, it’s so much walking at Disney and the poor children need a rest.”  Then tell me how my kiddos can go all day in a park, swim (not lounge around, but swim, jump, dive, etc.) in a pool for a couple of hours and then head out for an all-nighter in another park!  I’m close to tears and dreaming of that bed back at the hotel by 7pm and my boys are still running ahead of us toward yet another ride lol.  And no, we don’t use strollers and surprisingly my 4yo did not request to be carried that often this time.  Ah, youth. :)

IMG_0584 IMG_0585

Our evening was spent in the Magic Kingdom.  We arrived just in time to catch the street party parade.

IMG_0586 The obligatory pic with the castle in the background.  This was taken in front of the Crystal Palace restaurant, a great area for photo ops and firework watching.  From here we headed to Adventureland.

IMG_0590 IMG_0593 A very kind cast member offered to take our pic on Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride.  Remember my complaint about the hard water in Central Florida and my hair?  By now it’s getting even worse.  Ugh!

IMG_0594 Watch out!  This camel spits that hard water right at you on the ride.  Consider yourself warned. :)  Pirates was temporarily shut down so we wondered over to Haunted Mansion.  Ds4 and I found some rocking chairs and hung out while the older boys sought out the spooks.  Next we hit Fantasyland and It’s A Small World.  Ds4 really got into this ride this year.

IMG_0607 IMG_0613

He also loves the carousel.  After this we went straight to Mickey’s Philharmagic, one of my faves!  I love the part where Ariel sings…being in 3d it’s like she’s singing only to you. :)


IMG_0632 IMG_0634

The castle at night is so darn magical! 

IMG_0640 So is eating popcorn at the base of it. :)

IMG_0641 Our last ride was Winnie the Pooh.  Ds4 really had a great time on this trip, and is coming into his own as a Disney World fan.  We headed back to our hotel to pack up and prepare for checking in at the Pop Century on Disney property in the morning.


  1. I really, really, love your new header! :)

  2. No wonder you're knackered! But I bet you'll remember this holiday for the rest of your life. And not because of the aching feet :-)


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