Friday, May 15, 2009

Disney Trip Report: Day 2 Part 1

Either we have been to Disney World too many times (no, never!) or I am getting old, but how sad is it that, after only a week, I have to consult notes I took and look at the order of my pics on my memory card to remember what we did and when on our Disney trip.   Thank goodness for time/date stamp!!!


Okay, day two we headed to MGM (Hollywood Studios, whatever) and went straight to get a fastpass for Toy Story Mania.  Don’t you love how my ds4 is posing here?  What a card. :)  On this trip, since we had a few extra days, we tried to do things we had never done before.  One of these things was the Animation Studios.  We saw a cute as can be movie with Mushu from Mulan about animation and then my ds2 (the budding artist) and ds4 participated in a little animation workshop.  A cast member taught them how to draw Minnie Mouse.

IMG_0506 IMG_0508 Ds4 at the top and ds2 hard at work in the bottom pic.  Ds4 was so cute, he would narrate to me what he was drawing as he was working (probably because I prompt him to do so during schooling), but the room was kinda quiet and everyone could hear him.  Fortunately the crowd found it as cute as I did and the cast member even made comments on him every once in a while.  He did not realize he was the center of attention and just kept rambling on…”And here, Mommy, is the duck we saw at the pond, and here is you, and here is me…”  :)

IMG_0497 IMG_0505 IMG_0503 We also saw Bolt, looked at Disney’s many academy awards and played with some interactive displays.

IMG_0517 We had lunch at the Backlot Express and when we came out the Star Wars little skit was in progress next to Star Tours.  Several little boys (sorry, young Jedi) are picked from the audience to train and fight against Darth Vader.  It’s fun and cute.  The older boys and dh rode Star Tours and ds4 and I browsed the book shop nearby.

IMG_0519 Here’s my lot waiting for the Indiana Jones Stunt Show to start.  We had really good seats up front.

IMG_0532 IMG_0529 IMG_0548 Yes, close enough to feel the heat from that explosion!  IMG_0554 IMG_0555 IMG_0556 As you wander the back streets of Hollywood Studios you are likely to encounter all kinds of entertainment.  We listened for a while to a street band and refreshed ourselves at this truck/mister.  Doesn’t that top shot really look like a street in San Francisco? 

Finally our fastpass time arrived and we headed to Toy Story Mania.  It is a super cool 3D ride based on the Toy Story characters.  You are at a fair and get to play various shooting games.

IMG_0578 Ds4 and I await our turn!  I’m going to end now and split this day into two posts…it’s a lot of pics!


  1. My daughter would love the animation with Mulan. She loves that movie.

  2. Looks like another great day!
    We loved the Toy Story ride! They really did a good job with that one :-)


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