Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Best of Buddies

My niece has a son who is only 5 months older than my ds4.  They have always played together, but lately have become good buddies.  It is soooo cute to see them together, interacting in their little ways.  My niece’s son had a bday last week and the two buds got to spend a lot of quality boy time together.

IMG_1081 Nothing beats pizza!

IMG_1101 Except maybe cake.  We had one of those trick candles on there and ds was helping blow it out.

IMG_1129 I used to be able to get cute shots of the boys playing cars together.  No more. 

IMG_1131 They hardly ever surface for air!

After we loaded them up on carbs and sugar we headed to a local amusement park.  A small affair, but fun nonetheless.

IMG_1154 IMG_1196

IMG_1221 IMG_1234

IMG_1177 I snapped this cute pic by the train station.  My niece came running up and said, “Oh, do that pose again!” so she could get a pic, too. 

IMG_1178 This is what she got lol.  You gotta be quick with boys. :)

They had a wonderful fun filled afternoon together. 

IMG_1238 Remember when bday parties used to wear you out, too?  Well, actually, I was worn out, but they wouldn’t let me sleep on the way home.  Something about being the mom, responsibilities, someone has to drive, blah blah blah.  :)

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