Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kindergarten Homeschool: I Think We Are Ready

I have spent the better part of today finalizing my preparations for ds4’s first day of Kindergarten tomorrow.  We are doing a little 8 week “mini-school” for the summer.  Ds4 will be following My Father’s World Kindergarten program.  It took more than a little prep time on my part, and lots of reading and re-reading of instructions in the teacher’s guide (lack of sleep last night?  getting old?  just a blonde thing?) but I think I am ready!

I incorporated the MFW curriculum into the workbox system I had set up for ds3…it is more for me than for it’s intended purpose of getting the student used to independent study.  I will be working with ds4 on all his lessons…using the workbox system just helps us remember what to do in what order.


Basically the MFW Kindergarten day is broken down into three parts:  Daily activities, including a 100 chart and calendar; reading lessons and activities; and a special activity based on the letter and theme of the week.  So I labeled three of the workbox boxes accordingly.


In the daily activities box I have the 100 chart and craft sticks, the blank calendar and a marker.  In the reading lesson box I have the resources for tomorrow’s (day 1) lesson…flashcards, workbook page, etc.  Each day you do the same activities (for that day), just with a different letter each week.  Clear as mud, eh?  In the special activity box I have books about the sun…on day 1 you research the theme of the week and this week’s theme is the sun.


It’s not as hard as I’m making it seem, I think I’m just tired and hot.  But you get the idea…I hope.  So here we go…bring on day one!


  1. I saw some MFW stuff at a homeschool used book sale a few days ago and it looked like fun.
    I found some Veritas Press stuff that I plan to incorporate with our program. I just haven't planned all my lessons yet.
    I am also planning a field trip per week this year. We may not get to it every week, but if it is written down, it has a better chance. : )

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