Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kindergarten Homeschool Planning: One Decision Made

I mentioned in my previous whiny homeschool planning post that I was burned out and wanted a complete curriculum this year to help ease my pain.  Well, the dream came partially true.

I ordered My Father’s World Kindergarten for ds4.  I know, he is only 4yo, but he has been doing preschool stuff with us for 2 years now and is really ready to move on.  I am a little worried about how this may put him behind age-wise if he ever does go to a public school but I’ll burn cross that bridge if/when we get there.

I am quite pleased so far with this curriculum.  I ordered the basic set which includes some flashcards, student work materials and a pretty detailed teacher’s guide.  All I have to do is gather materials for each week’s lesson.  For example, week one focuses on the sun so I need to get some craft supplies and books that the guide lists we will use.  There is also a great message board on the MFW website that has lots of extra activities to incorporate into the plans.  And that is exactly how I get myself into trouble, by finding all these fun looking extras and thinking I have to do them all with ds or else all is lost.  Somebody stop me! 

I’m going to start things on Monday and work with the boys for 8 weeks this summer.  First time we’ve ever done that, but I really feel ds3 needs some more work with math and writing.  I’ll post the things I’ll be doing with ds3 next.  Spoiler alert:  the dream did not come true with ds’s school. 

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