Friday, May 29, 2009

Disney Trip Report: Day 5

By the time I finish with all these trip reports we’ll be back on vacation again lol.  Okay, day 5.  We had been to all the parks by now and had that wonderful luxury of just picking any old thing we felt like doing, without worrying that we were missing out on anything, kwim?   So we decided to spend the morning in Animal Kingdom.  The AK closes early as a rule so a morning visit is a good idea anyway.

The older boys and I walked right on to It’s Tough To Be A Bug, the 3d movie housed inside the big Tree of Life.  Dh and ds4 waited patiently for us.

IMG_0891  Dh looks tired already lol.

IMG_0890 I love waterfalls.

IMG_0897 I also love this guy.  Dh and the older boys went on the midway type rides at Dinoland and ds4 and I explored the Boneyard.  When AK first opened the Boneyard was just a big sand box with dinosaur bones hidden all around for the kiddos to find.  But it was also hot hot hot!  I’m glad to see Disney has improved on the concept…greatly improved.  Now the Boneyard is a gigantic playground with lots of bridges and tunnels and slides.

IMG_0898 IMG_0910

IMG_0895 IMG_0894

This is a very fun place for your little guys to burn off some energy and just have, well, fun. :)

IMG_0917 IMG_0920

Dh and I switched off and I took the older boys on Dinosaur the ride.  Ds2 asked the cast member if the dinosaur bones on display were real or copies…they are copies.

IMG_0923 Time for a treat break!  Frozen confections are the best for beating the heat.  We were right next to the auditorium where they have Nemo the Musical so we decided to check that out.  We had never been before…let’s remember, I have all boys.  Mention the word musical and they run for it lol.

IMG_0930 IMG_0932

It was really good.  The actors/puppeteers even come out into the audience occasionally.  And all the high wire stuff kept my boys’ interest.

alex 018 This pic is from ds2’s camera.  This bird flew right in front of me…I was tasting feathers, folks.  At least he didn’t fly over me and leave me any presents. :P  Okay, we were done with AK and went back to the hotel for our afternoon water play.  It is soooo refreshing to take that break.  That is the A #1 reason for staying on Disney property imo.  After our break we decided to visit MGM one more time.  Ds3 wanted to ride Rock N Roller Coaster.  Now quite a few years ago we went to Disney with my brother and his wife.  My sil cried on the Rock N Roller Coaster ride.  Plus there have been reports of people getting sick after riding.  So I hadn’t even let ds2 ride until last year.  And of course when the little boys and I rounded the corner to return to the ride and greet ds2 there was an ambulance!  I about had a heart attack until I saw ds2’s grinning face.  Now you understand my reluctance to let ds3 anywhere near this ride lol.

IMG_0954 IMG_0955

Yep, just tall enough.  So dh and ds2 took him on.  And he loved it!  He said he was “rocking out” the whole time.  :)

IMG_0968 We rode Toy Story Mania again and then dh and the boys hit The Great Movie Ride.  Ds4 and I hung out and waited for them.

IMG_0971 IMG_0974

Check out my ring!  It’s Sleeping Beauty.  The boys actually found it on the street and presented it to me. :)  That was the end of our day.  And the end of our trip!  We decided to pack it up and head home a day early.  It had been a wonderful time and we were anxious to get home and recoup.

IMG_0978 This was the last pic I took…a boy, his balloon and his Webkinz.  The End.

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  1. Stopping by your wonderful blog from a garden friends blog. This is a wonderful reminder that I need to get back to Disney before my kids are too old to enjoy it - is that possible?!! WE just love that place.
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