Friday, June 26, 2009

MFW Kindergarten: Week 3 Ll leaf

We are still enjoying MFWK, even though this third week has been a little rough with ds4 and I.  Ds has been having some issues with growing up…torn between “big boy” and “preschooler/toddler.”  He’s been acting out and resisting our discipline efforts.  And this week was the first since we began with MFW that he acted out during school time. :(  We had a couple of days where he got upset because I had to correct him or had to show him how to do something.  He fluctuates between the desire to learn and the desire to show that he already knows.  Ah, growing up is hard to do.

We still had fun, though. :)


Once again I have to praise the MFW message boards.  There I found a link to International Paper website which had some great posters to download, including one for recognizing leaves and needles.  Ds and I went out and collected several leaves from our yard and brought them in to examine, noting color, texture, edges, etc.  We saved the leaves for some cool art projects.

IMG_1439 We used the leaves to make prints, and then painted only around the edges for some neat effects.

IMG_1433 I like the format for MFW and how you basically do the same things on certain days, only with different letters/themes.  This is helping ds become a more independent learner…here he is doing his cutting/pasting page on his own.

IMG_1434 The school room (formally known as my dining room lol) has undergone some changes.  It involved a lot of mess, moving, moving back, and general anxiety (on the cats’ part…they hate change) but I think I have it like I want for our new school year.  Our first year minus ds2.  Insert tear here.  Anyway, I moved the world map over a bit and put ds4’s MFW alphabet cards on the wall under the chalkboard.  We both like this approach better than flipping through the cards every day.

IMG_1437 I moved a bookshelf from the living room into the schoolroom next to my desk, and also put the workbox system cart there as well.  I’m going to need to move the little bulletin board on the wall there.

IMG_1438 Finally I moved the table we use to the middle of the room.  It looks cramped but really it works out well and is not really crowded.  We can walk freely from our front door to our kitchen now!  I have a few more changes to showcase, but need to take pics so they will be in a later post.

Our Ll leaf week was not our best.  But they can’t all be the best now, can they?  Next week?  Aa apple.

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