Sunday, June 7, 2009

Product Review: Windex Outdoor All-In-One

I am a Bzz Agent.  That just means I get to try out neat new products in exchange for telling anyone who will listen all about it.  Well hello captive audience!


The latest product I have had the chance to try out is the Windex Outdoor All-In-One cleaning system.  In fact, I used it this very morning on all my windows.  I am very impressed with this product!  You simply put together the pieces of the pole (don’t worry there are arrows to guide you,) attach the cleaning pad to the end and you are ready to go.  Putting on the cleaning pad is super easy…it just sticks on to the velcro-like surface.  And I was surprised at how well it stayed put.

Now grab your prepared cleaning pole and head outside.  Use the garden hose and wet down your window and the cleaning pad.  Once the pad touches the wet window it activates the cleaner and voila!  There is no scrubbing at all…just glide the pad over the window a few swipes and you are done.  I even had one window with a big old patch of bird droppings (how in the world the bird managed that I’ll never know) and it came off with one swipe of the cleaning pad.  Now rinse the window and let it dry by itself.  DONE.  So easy and quick.

One cleaning pad cleans up to 20 windows according to the package and I believe that.  I cleaned 14 sets of windows, including our large living and dining room windows and the pad still had plenty of cleaning power left.  I loved how the pole let me reach the top of the window easily and even allowed me to reach over the sticky bushes we have in front.  The whole project took less than 20 minutes…most of which was spent trying to wrestle our screens off and a subsequent encounter with this guy…

250px-Sceliphron-mud-dauber Ugh, I know!  It’s a dirt dauber, harmless but pesky.  Anyway I loved how quickly and simply I got the chore finished.  No buckets of cleaner to haul around, no sponges to scrub with, no towels to have to dry with.  Just wet, swipe, rinse, you are done. :)  I definitely recommend checking into this product.   Head to the website and you’ll even find coupons and demos.  Go, now!  Bzz. :)

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