Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You Can Tell A Lot About A Blogger…

…from the labels on her blog!  I was doing some rearranging of my blog layout and noticed my labels gadget.  You know what most of my posts are filed under?  The label “Mom Thoughts.”  There are 62 posts with that label.  Wow, I didn’t know I was such a heavy thinker.  Or had so many posts that I couldn’t classify in any other way.

The label that has the most posts after that?  Homeschooling.  Whew.  I was afraid I had lost the whole theme of this blog!  It is, after all, “A place for me to share about life homeschooling and raising 4 boys in the Sunshine State.”

Next most popular label?  With 47 posts it’s “Family Fun.”  Yep, I’d say that is right.  And I can retain my blog title of Fun In The Sun.  Yea!

The next three most used labels really tell something about me.  They are “reading” with 32 posts, “Disney” with 28 posts, and “kitties” with 22.  I do love all three of those things. :)  How I have dreamed of cuddling up with one of my kitties and reading a good book while at Disney World.  Sigh.

So labels aren’t always a bad thing.  I am proud to be labeled a “thinking, homeschooling, family fun, reading, Disney, kitty” mom.   I’d say that is me in a nutshell. :)

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  1. Huh. Neat idea.. I haven't looked at my labels in awhile. I'll have to go check it out.


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