Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Smokey



I’ve noticed that Mimi and Winnie seem to steal the show as far as my COT posts go.  So I decided to focus on one of the older bunch of cats this morning…Smokey.

IMG_1623 Smokey is technically ds1’s cat.  He picked him out from a litter not long after we moved into this house, so he’s more local than we are lol.  What can I say about Smokey?

IMG_1624 He is all cat.  He goes about his business and expects you to go about yours…making sure he has food, water and love on demand. :)

IMG_1627 He purrs like there is no tomorrow when he gets his wish…but is one of those cats that will turn on you and bite the hand that feeds scratches him.  We don’t know why he does this.  We have to warn visitors, because sure enough Smokey will jump on the couch next to them, they will start to pet him and out of no where he will bite.  :(  Why, Smokey, why?

IMG_1629 Sometimes he will approach you outside and do what we call the “Smokey dance” where he rolls and rolls on the ground in front of you.  You reach down and pet him of course.  You walk away…and he attacks your leg!  Why, Smokey, why?

 IMG_1634 You can’t help but love the guy.  He is just Smokey, and that’s that. :)  For more kitty love head over to Gattina’s blog and join in on the fun.

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  1. Yes, Smokey! Why..indeed?

    I came across a cat like that at my relative's house. He's just a visiting cat, the home cats still at the vet for boarding. He comes and roll over your legs and suddenly will scratch and bite you for no reason! Is it his way of playing??


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