Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone has a safe and happy day.  We are keeping it low key.  My parents came for their weekly visit as usual.  My oldest is on the beach with his friends but dh is on call so the rest of us are just enjoying the day around the house.  Earlier in the week we had a little patriotic crafting fun…

IMG_1652 making some firecracker sparkler wave around thingys…

IMG_1654 and making our annual tshirts for the holiday.  The boy needs a new shirt, don’t ‘ya think?

IMG_1655 I saw lots of posts for these cuties floating around and just had to make us some.  They are too cute, huh?

IMG_1660 IMG_1658 I think he likes them!  Here’s a trick I almost always do when I’m using plain white canned frosting…melt a couple of blocks of white chocolate to stir in!  Really amps up the yum factor.  :)  Oh, and check out ds’s shirt.  We went with an idea from Family Fun where you make designs with pasta shapes and use them as a stamp for painting your shirt.  Turned out very cute.

IMG_1662 Here is ds3 with his finished shirt, and chomping down on some red, white and blue fruit kabobs.  Just threaded some strawberries, mini marshmallows and blueberries on some skewers.  Too easy!

So now dh and ds2 are out hunting for fireworks, although our neighbors will surely give us a good show tonight.  Fireworks are actually illegal here in the Sunshine State, but you can do sparklers and smoke bombs and those popping things.  And of course watch the display put on by your state-hopping neighbors lol.  Happy 4th!


  1. I enjoyed reading the 8th grade curriculum of hits and misses. I am going to have to do that soon with Ash.
    I will keep procrastinating as long as possible though!
    Happy 4th of July, looks like you've had a fun week.

  2. YUMMY!! Those cupcakes look delicious!! Great job on all the decorations too!


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