Monday, July 6, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday


For today’s Muffin Tin Monday, with many thanks to Michelle from Her Cup Overfloweth (our wonderful hostess!) ds4 had a real muffin tin breakfast. :)

IMG_1770 We have waffle sticks, syrup, strawberry slices, blueberries, and little powdered donuts, leftover from Sunday morning (donut day in our home :))

IMG_1771 He’s pretty excited!  Check out his little stuffed kitty.  He has quite a collection of those and I love that he is so attached to them still.  Ds4 is my last little boy and I want him to stay that way a while longer. :)

IMG_1775 Mom, please!  Can’t a guy eat in peace?

For more muffin tin fun (there are some very creative ladies who participate in this!) visit Her Cup Overfloweth.  Thanks again, Michelle!


  1. Hi Julie!
    Those waffle sticks look so good right now! I much prefer waffles to pancakes but the girls wanted those little pancakes! =} Besides adding cheese to the eggs, you might also try bacon pieces, my kids LOVE that!
    I don't know if the mini powdered sugar donuts would have made it to the tin... I might have had to keep those for myself!

  2. wow! that looks so yummy!

    I am so glad the tin works out! Yay!

  3. we did waffle sticks last week and my kiddos LOVED them.

  4. Aw! Those little powdered donuts look so cute in the tin! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Donuts and waffle sticks, yumm! That's my type of breakfast..haha

  6. This breakfast tin rocks!! Love it! So yummy!

  7. Waffles! Great idea....don't know why I always just think of pancakes, I love the comment about wanting to just eat in peace.

    My daughter has started to tell me that she isn't going to smile when I take pictures of her doing her activities or eating.

    Thanks for your waffle inspiration. :)

  8. You know, breakfast muffin tins always make my mouth water ... YUM!


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