Monday, July 6, 2009

Living Up To The Name


This is the view from where I sat yesterday.  My camera did not do it justice.

IMG_1735 We had a super fun day at the beach.  The weather was great, the water was cool, the waves were just right!

IMG_1721 Our purpose for going?  To test out dh’s new surfboard.

IMG_1716 Ds2 caught a few waves before the jellyfish got to him.

IMG_1726 Ds3 just had fun practicing his balance.

IMG_1747IMG_1755 Ds4  enjoyed letting the waves break over him on the shore and frolicking in the sugar white sands.  Cute, huh?  He’s like me, if he is outside he has to have his sunglasses on.

IMG_1701 I absolutely adore this boy!  Look at the gap!  I will miss that when his front teeth finally decide to show up. :)

IMG_1681 IMG_1764

Check it out…before and after lol!  On the left on the way to the beach, on the right on the way home from the beach.  We wore that boy out.

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  1. Yes, those definitely are living up to the name! I especially love the last "before" and "after" photo! Someone had a really great, and tiring time!


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