Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Itch To Pitch: Master Bath


I am tardy to the party with this week’s Itch To Pitch, hosted by The Happy Housewife.  Today is ds2’s 14th bday!  On top of that we have been running errands getting ready for his entry into high school, getting pets vaccinated, dr. and dentist appt’s…it’s been a little crazy.  I am out of my element when I have to be out of the house all day lol.  But I had a few minutes to spare and really wanted to tackle my master bath cabinets so I bit the bullet and just did it.

I am so glad I did!  It took all of 15 minutes, folks.  I couldn’t believe it myself.  Every day when I opened those cabinets and drawers and saw the mess I always imagined having to take half a day to deal with it all. 

IMG_1794 I mean, just look!  What a disaster.  But 5 minutes, a trash bag, and a re-purposed basket from the living room later…

IMG_1795 And we have this. :)  The plastic bin holds all my pedicure/manicure needs, the basket holds extra tp and the cases hold dh’s hair cutting tools.

The cabinet took so little time I decided to tackle the drawers as well.

IMG_1796 Yikes!

IMG_1798 Yikes squared. :)

I had just finished reading a great book I checked out from the library from Good Housekeeping about organizing your home.  I remember the section on drawers saying to try and keep each drawer serving one purpose.  So I made the top drawer for hair and deo accessories and the second one for tooth matters.

IMG_1797 IMG_1799 So much better!  The little baggie holds all our travel sized beauty needs…now when dh gets called away on business he can just grab the little bag and go.  No more hunting around a messy drawer for it all.  Now, why didn’t I do that before? LOL 

This weekly carnival has been great for me.  I am slowly getting my house in order!  It isn’t perfect, but I don’t want it to be.  6 people live here and this home is always going to be cramped and at times messy.  But now at least it’s an organized mess lol. :)  Since this challenge began I have tackled my hall closet, the school closet, my laundry room, my bedside table and now my bathroom cabinets.  Every time I walk by each of these places I smile because they look good and have surprisingly been staying clean!  Here’s to hoping it lasts a bit longer. :)

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