Monday, July 20, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday: Dips and Sauces

muffin tin monday



It’s pretty basic, but still a sound meal. :)  We have chicken nuggets and ketchup, baby carrots and a honey mustard dip and apples and some homemade caramel sauce.

IMG_1866 Here is my cutie ready to partake.  He is actually having the meal as a late dinner after a late nap, that’s why it’s dark and he looks sleepy lol.  When he wakes after a late nap he is soooo grumpy but he perked right up when I suggested having his muffin tin meal for dinner. :)  Somehow it turns a simple dinner into something special for him.

Thanks to Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth for hosting this fun meme.  Head over to her site to see some really creative moms put together some really cute meals.


  1. I love turning a simple meal into something special. Great job making your little mans day brighter! :) And great tin!


  2. Yes! Using the muffin tin to perk up a grumpy time is exactly why I started using the tins in the first place! :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. We did the carrots too! My 4 year old would have loved the nuggets!!

  4. mmmm, honey mustard dip sounds so good right now, and it's only 8am!! haha!

    So glad you joined us today!

  5. Sounds delicious! Did you make the caramel sauce? If so, how? I can imagine how good that must taste. I want some!

  6. We almost did nuggets, yummy. Yay for the homemade caramel sauce! Stopping in from the MTM :)

  7. That is lots of fun. I wish my kids were still young enough to do this. I can hear what the 16 yr. old would say if I wanted her a muffin tin meal. lol

  8. Oh I've seen this before. It's sooo cute!! Love it!!


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