Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Completely Random


I don’t have a “theme” for today’s cat post, I’m just picking some pics I have sitting around the computer. :)


These two look like they’ve been caught doing something lol.  That’s ds3 and Katy playing with legos.

100_9418 Winnie and Mimi are best buds.  Here they are playing in the yard.


100_9421 What you looking at?

IMG_0041 Isn’t this precious?  Most of the time Mimi licks Winnie (I think she would have made a great mommy cat) but this time Winnie is dispensing the love.  Do cats do this because of love, or are they telling the other cat she stinks?  Either way it’s too cute.

IMG_0044 Whew, Winnie gets a little rough sometimes!

IMG_0049 Now she’s a clean, happy kitty.

Happy Tuesday Cat Lovers!  Head over to Gattina’s blog to see more precious kitties. :)


  1. How sweet. What pretty kitties, totally opposite colors! Is Winnie Siamese?

    Off the topic, how do you get a 3 columns? Is there a code somewhere?

  2. First picture--yeah, what a "hand-in-the-cookie-jar" look, LOL! Love pix of cats grooming each other. They seem so affectionate and caring toward each other. Next favorite is them snuggled up together like furry balls.

  3. I have alwyas love to see cats playing and wrestling each other, and I'll never get tired of it! They're both so adorable!

  4. Your cats are so cute. I'm glad they are best buds. Sassie still hasn't realized that Peeve is a cat!

  5. Aren't they just so fun and playful outdoors. I wish my Twylah would go out and play! That is so cute licking out of love or stink! I have enjoyed your Cat stories.

  6. I think when older cats groom each other it is because they like each other. Mom cats do it to kittens from birth on to clean the kitten and stimulate brain functioning by touch.

  7. Winnie and Mimi are so much like Au and Target when they play! Very cute pics.

    BTW, your profile link on comments doesn't work right. I get an "unavailable" notice.


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