Monday, August 3, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday: Party!!

muffin tin monday

This week’s theme for our muffin tin meal is party.  Well, we decided to have our theme around the book “If You Give A Pig A Party.”  I found a neat site that had an activity pack to download with coloring pages and ideas for a book themed party.

IMG_1972  First we did our coloring pages, one of which was decorating a cake.  Can you say glitter? lol.

IMG_1975 Then we made homemade ice cream!  Cute recipe I’ve seen before but never tried, where you put milk, sugar and vanilla in a small baggie and ice and salt in a big baggie.  Then put the sealed small baggie in the big baggie, seal, and shake until “frozen.”  Ds and I tossed the bag back and forth for our freezing process lol.  He really got into this theme and wanted to decorate the table.  He searched around and found a plastic tablecloth, some stickers, some ribbon and streamers, and his play doh ice cream maker.

IMG_1981 Cute, huh?  In the tin we have a mini donut with a candle (our version of a cake) some grapes (balloons) and the homemade ice cream (with sprinkles of course.)  Bottom row is pb&j (like in the book) and pig in a blanket.

IMG_1984 He loved it and we had a fun morning together.  I definitely like basing the theme on a book!  Be sure and check out all the creative moms who participate in Muffin Tin Monday with Michelle at HerCupOverfloweth.


  1. How neat ~ great way to learn and have fun!

    Please stop by my blog when you get a chance. There's something there for you.

  2. I absolutely love your book theme, the book you used (one of our favorites) and your ideas for the tin!!

    This is super!!

  3. That is just too cute. I wish my kids were still young enough to do theme meals!

  4. very cute! I love book themes!

  5. This was a fabulous idea! I love that you incorporated a book with your party lunch. Thanks for sharing

  6. Too cute! We're reading 'If you Give a Pig a Pancake," but I forgot to pick up some pancake mix for this tin. Love your ideas!

  7. Hi! Great muffin tin! Would you mind sharing your ice cream recipe? Can you do the ziplock idea w/ any recipe? My kids have been begging to make ice cream!



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