Monday, August 3, 2009

Picture Show and Tell: White Balance


Okay, after last week’s life changing discovery of the macro setting on my Canon Powershot  I knew I had to join in this week’s show and tell at A Familiar Path and learn about white balance.  Sweet Melissa is teaching us how to move past the auto setting on our digital cameras bless her soul, and on Monday’s we get to showcase what we learned.

Well, the lesson on white balance was posted last Wednesday and I am sorry to say it literally took me all week, until today, to find out even how to adjust the white balance on my camera.  Sad, but true.  I even enlisted dh’s help and between the two of us and the stupid manual we still couldn’t figure it out.  I feel darn right stupid telling you this, especially since all I had to do was turn the little dial from Auto to Manual.  That’s it!  Melissa even said that in her tutorial and dumb me could not find the “M” on my camera.  I finally found a website that had a detailed review of my specific camera with a picture for dummies like me.  Sigh.

So now I am armed with knowledge…and no subjects to shoot.  This is ds4’s reaction to “Wanna be in a  photo shoot?”

IMG_1990 Can’t really blame him, we did Muffin Tin Monday this morning and I took a lot of pics of him then.  I searched all over the house for a willing subject.

IMG_1999 My cat Katy.  Now you will notice in the following pics that it seems as though she is frozen or possibly dead.  Not the case, she’s just old and doesn’t move much.  I know, it creeped me out too.  Btw, this is the plain old auto white balance shot.

IMG_2000 This shot is with the “daylight” setting.  Seems pinker to me.

IMG_2004 This one is “cloudy.”

IMG_2011 Tungsten.  I think we found our setting. :)  See?  She is alive!

White balance.  You, too, can master the power.


  1. the first one is hilarious. he's obviously thrilled to be a subject!

    i'm glad you finally figured it out. now you'll never forget it.

    oh and sweet melissa cracked me up. i wanted my husband to use that song as his ring tone (for my calls) but instead he chose brick house.

  2. Alive and grumpy at your fudsing about with the camera! I had the same problem with the white balance. Still fiddling with various settings. Sometimes it's great, sometimes I have to fix the thing after with FXFoto....

    BTW did you know it was World Cat Day on August 8th? I didn't until I read it on some other blogs. I'll be posting that day. You too?

  3. you made me laugh out loud!
    and not feel so bad that I have so much to learn.
    I haven't posted yet, but enjoy seeing everyone's learning curve and pics
    thanks for inspiring

  4. Haha, this post made me laugh! Glad you found a more willing subject for your pictures, ha!


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