Monday, October 19, 2009

Excited About Exercise

Susanna at My Family My Forever has started a McLinky to join in on her quest to renew her relationship with exercise.  I, too, have recently become reacquainted with my old friend fitness, in my quest to lose some weight.  I began seriously counting calories and logging in workouts in August and have lost 11 pounds.  Go me.  So sure, I am more than happy to join in and get continue to be “Excited About Exercise!”

First off, I love exercising at home.  I have a pretty good collection of dvds and tapes…that’s right, exercise tapes lol.  Some of them are pretty cheesy but I have the routines down pat and I like them.  So there.  ;)  Yesterday I did one of my favorite workouts to an old The Firm dvd.

51KC6QHSF8L__SL500_AA240_ This one hits all the muscle groups and throws in some aerobics for good measure.  The music is fun, the routines blend together well and the instructor is not annoying.  A great all around workout.  Thanks to Susanna for hosting this and good luck to all who join in on the challenge.

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  1. I need to join this meme! Ugh! The cold weather, waiting on kids, and the rain has seriously messed up my daily walks.


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