Monday, October 5, 2009

He’s A Handful

As in he is 5 years old!  Today!  Ds4 can hold up a whole handful of fingers now when asked how old he is lol.  We had a party at my brother’s house yesterday…it included my niece’s twin  boys as their birthday is the day after ds’s. 

IMG_3274 Ds and his best buddy, my niece’s oldest boy.  Boys will make ANYTHING into a weapon.  ;)

IMG_3295 The twins turned 2 and weren’t too impressed with the whole thing so ds got the honors of blowing out the candles.  He actually blew them out twice…once before we even got started singing “Happy Birthday” lol.

IMG_3317 “What, Mom, it’s only my 1st 2nd 3rd cupcake!”

IMG_3314 Checking out some of the birthday loot.

IMG_3302  IMG_3309

IMG_3292 My niece and her boys.  It was a fun filled day with friends and family.  Happy 5th bday ds!

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