Monday, October 5, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday: All About Me


The theme for this week’s MTM is perfect for us…today is ds4’s bday!  My youngest and last little boy turns five today.  I found an “all about me” booklet for him to fill out with his fave food, color, etc. and a cake that he glued five candles on and decorated with sprinkles.

IMG_3343 Here he is reading his book before digging in to his muffin tin meal, which btw consisted of a chicken nugget sandwich, “cheeto beetos” and grapes…all his faves of course.  ;)

IMG_3344 Yum!  Happy Birthday ds.  And Happy MTM everyone!  Head over to Michelle’s and get in on all the muffin tin fun.  :)


  1. Happy Happy Bday!!

    Hope he has a super day!!

    We did booklets too:-).

  2. Happy birthday!! The 'about me' book sounds great--may have to add that to our birthday traditions.


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