Thursday, October 22, 2009

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

Halloween!  We’ve been knee-deep in the Halloween projects and crafts lately.  My house is downright spooky (and I can blame it on the decorations, not the lack of cleaning lol.)

IMG_3632 Not a great pic at all, but the boys made a bat mobile, complete with glow in the dark bat eyes and moon.

IMG_3633 Again, not a great pic, but ds4 made the CUTEST pumpkin shirt ever.  It’s simply a white shirt dyed orange after gathering bits of it up in rubber bands.  After you cut the rubber bands off you have white circles that you can paint jack-o-lantern faces in.  What fun!  He has worn it every day…literally, folks.  I should have had him make more than one lol.

IMG_3635 After our pumpkin study, ds4 glued some of the leftover seeds into a cutout pumpkin and added yarn to show how stringy it all was.

IMG_3583 We played this fun pumpkin matching game, where he copies a jack-o-lantern face using bits of black construction paper shapes.  The game can be found at Kidssoup.    I have even more ideas up my sleeve, if we get to them I’ll be sure and share.  :)

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