Friday, October 23, 2009

MFW Kindergarten: Ii for Insect


Ds4 has been looking forward to this week in MFW for a while, ever since he saw the letter sound card with insects on it lol.  There is a lot we have done, but a lot more we can do with this unit, so I may actually extend it into next week as well.

IMG_3663 One day we learned about butterflies.  Ds made a book about how butterflies change.

IMG_3672 I love this page where he drew a little butterfly (on the left) and told me to write “Yea!” underneath.  Too cute.  :)

IMG_3667 IMG_3668 He put some cardstock circles on a pipe cleaner to make a caterpillar.  Although we don’t have to go far to observe a caterpillar…

IMG_3669 Meet “Poopers.”  I found him on my hibiscus plant quite a while ago and he has been happily munching on fresh leaves in a jar on our schoolroom bookshelf ever since (and pooping like a madman, hence his name. ;)  He is so well taken care of I believe he has decided not to complete his metamorphosis and remain a fat little leaf eating poop machine.  I would, too.

This was ds’s favorite part of the week I think, learning about and creating a firefly.  I only wish it were still warm enough for him to have seen a real one.

IMG_3639 We simply cut out heart shaped wings and glued on a glow stick.  And then waited for it to get dark of course.

IMG_3641 How’s that for a cool pic?  Please note, we did not do all these things in one day.  The boy is  wearing that pumpkin shirt every day for the rest of his life lol.

IMG_3673 IMG_3674 Another little book he made about what insects can do.  This is his personalized page.  Not sure what he is doing, but it’s cute.

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  1. I love "Poopers"--he is too cute! Looks like a fun week. Sorry I was late-- the Mcklinky is now up :D

  2. "Poopers." I love it. My kids still want to wear the same clothes all the time!

  3. That looks like so much fun!

  4. Heart shaped wings w/a glow stick. Brillant! What a fabulous picture & a fabulous week!

  5. Wow, I am impressed! I wish I have the passiuon and dedication to have kids home schooled...that would be fun. But I'm totally not confident about my own!

  6. Interesting. And hello Poopers! What a name. Can we guess who named him? :P


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