Monday, November 9, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: The Cute Mimi Edition


We are riding out Tropical Storm Ida right now.  I was looking through my pics to see what I had to offer for this week’s COT.  Here is Mimi in all her cuteness (although she is not so cute right now, as she keeps going in and out and getting soaking wet.  Ugh!  Oops, she just read that, I am in trouble lol.)

IMG_2950 Napping with her paws in the air.

IMG_3407 Same position, different spot lol.  :)

IMG_3508 The day Mimi discovered the hermit crab ds4 got for his bday.  She was interested for about 5 minutes and that was that.

IMG_3529 All cuteness in dh’s desk chair.

IMG_2801 Look Mom, I found the missing lego under the chair!


IMG_3916 Please Mom, enough with the pictures!

For more kitty fun head over to Gattina’s.  Happy Tuesday!


  1. in light of ida, keep safe, warm and dry!

  2. Mimi I know Mom do snap on me when I'm asleep, why are they like that? One day I'm gonna do that to Mom...let's see who sleeps with paws in the air! MOL!

  3. My Mom had a cat named Ida. She got him on a trip through Idaho. Good luck weathering the storm.

  4. These Tuxi cats are so cute each time I look at my little Rosie I have to laugh !
    Purrs and hugs from Egypt !

  5. I love it when they wave their little furry paws in the air!
    Lol about the crab. It just wasn't interesting to her.

  6. Mimi is so cute! I like the way she naps with her feet in the air.


  7. She's a star! What a little cutie. Good luck with that storm. Hope it blows over soon.

  8. Cats who sleep 4 paws in the air look very cute.

  9. Ahwww. The pic in the chair is fabuolus!


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