Sunday, November 8, 2009

In Other News

I seem to be in a blogging slump, huh?  I’ve been reading plenty of them and kinda posting in my head, but not getting much down for reals.  Yes spellchecker, I know “for reals” is not a real word.  So, for lack of anything better to do and to keep up appearances, let’s have a rambling post, shall we?

Well, it’s been a long stretch, but I finally have sickies in the house.  Ds2 stayed home from school Thursday and Friday with a fever and sore throat.  Dr. said he has fluid in his ear, but doesn’t think it’s infected.  He is feeling better.  Then all Saturday night ds4 was crabby and slept fitfully…turns out he had a fever and stuffy nose.  When we tried to give him tylenol around 3 in the morning he cried and threw up.  He has been eating somewhat today so I don’t think we are dealing with a stomach issue, just a virus.  If he is still running a fever tomorrow I guess I’ll head him in to the doc, which I really don’t want to do as he has issues with antibiotics and last time we went in for an ear infection we came out with the croup times 3.  And I don’t need that right now.  Sigh, ‘tis the season.

Ds1 and a friend went to Gainesville yesterday to see the Gators play Vandy.  He said he saw Tebow and Meyers and had a good time.  I expect him home sometime tonight and then maybe I can turn down the “mom worry” volume a little.   This is the boy who’s phone somehow is always dead when I try to call him and see where he is at midnight, but can sure get through to me to report that he got “within 10 feet of Tim Tebow.”  Hmmm.  A little suspicious if you ask me.  Just saying!

So it’s November, right?  Just checking, because we are under a stinking HURRICANE WATCH.  Are you kidding me here, folks?  Seriously?  We are supposed to get a little wind, a little rain, some storm surge, but nothing much.  Still.  It’s November for goodness sakes.  Somebody tell “Ida” please.

Okay I think I got most of it out.  Rambling post is over.  :)

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  1. Awww! Poor little guys (and you.) I'll be praying for you all. IT's strange how those phones never seem to be working, isn't it?


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