Friday, November 6, 2009

MFW Kindergarten: Ii For Insect Week 2


I guess you can see from the total lack of posting that we took last week off.  :)  I did decide to do a second week of the insect theme with ds4 (week 1 here) as we had so many more resources to use that one week just didn’t do it justice.


Here ds3 is hard at work on his spelling, and ds4 is working on his alphabet with the Caterpillar ABC file folder game from KidsSoup.

IMG_3904   This was a fun little bee craft from KidsSoup as well.  You just paint a paper plate green, fold it in half and staple the sides, make a little bee out of construction paper, push a skewer through the plate and attach the bee to the skewer.  Now the bee can frolic all over the “meadow.”  Ds was anxious to play with this and did not want to take the time to embellish his “meadow'” with flowers or other such nonsense.  ;)  My little sweetheart falls in love with the strangest things…he named the little bee “Wings” and has carried it around (sans the skewer) everywhere.

IMG_3910 IMG_3912 He really liked this game.  I hid some little pics of insects around the room and he had to “hunt” for them and put them in a “jar.” 

IMG_3980 Now he was supposed to glue them on the “jar” but like I said before, he gets attached to these little things so we used little velcro dots to make sure our insects could leave the jar.  Sorry, I can’t remember where I got this download.

IMG_3913 Here he is putting the finishing touches on a bee hive filled with five thumbprint bees.

IMG_3977 Isn’t this a beautiful craft idea?  You cover a butterfly printout with balled up tissue paper.  He and I had fun adding to this over the week…love the little happy face he put on the butterfly.  :)


A real life butterfly was sunning on my Hibiscus and allowed us a nice close-up look at his beauty.  He sat still for quite a while and we observed lots about him.

IMG_3923 Another cute game, matching the insects.  While I can’t remember where I got that one download, the other projects came mostly from KidsSoup and Kinderplans, both of which require purchases but are so worth it!  I have used both resources numerous times with great success.  We came away from our two week insect study having had lots of fun together but more importantly, ds has learned a lot, from phonics to math to language arts to science (“Hey Mom, this ant has three body parts and six legs!”  Yep, I was bursting with pride.)  Next week is supposed to be Gg for Goat but I may substitute some Thanksgiving themes, haven’t decided yet.  For more weekly highlights head to Mishmash Maggie’s!


  1. Those are some cute ideas. I know ds4 had a ball.

  2. Julie, that was impressive! I just love your idea, and I wish u & sons good luck :)

    I got a new cousin this weekend ;)

  3. I keep hearing all of these awesome things about Kidsoup. Someday I'll check it out. Awesome week with your insects.


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