Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Around The World: Week 2

Last week we visited 3 more countries to learn how they celebrate Christmas.  First off was Germany, where we learned about the origins of the Christmas tree and Kris Kringle.

IMG_4846 IMG_4848 We made this Christmas tree ornament with a pipe cleaner and beads.  Ds3 went a little overboard with the beads lol.

Next up was Mexico and discussions about poinsettias and piñatas.  We attempted this poinsettia craft that failed miserably.  Our paper towel soaked up way too much of the paint and essentially never dried.  Still kind of pretty, though.

IMG_4853 IMG_4854

Finally we learned about how Spain celebrates the holidays and call people to church with bells.  Here are our lovely bell ornaments.

IMG_4889 IMG_4891 Just simply bells strung on a red pipe cleaner and topped off with a pretty bow.  The boys and I are both enjoying this holiday themed trip around the world and their little Christmas tree is looking great with their homemade ornaments.  I do plan on visiting 3 more countries next week and then taking a homeschooling break until next year.  Ds3 is sick this weekend so we’ll have to see how things go.


  1. Cute projects. We may do both.

  2. It looks like fun. We're hearing Christmas carols sung in Mandarin by Chinese kid choirs here. It's unbelievable...

  3. I love all of these projects. I'm slowly trying to think through my Christmas around the world plans for this year.......


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