Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Outtakes

onthelooue0zz8 We all try for that perfect shot of our precious kitties.  Sometimes we fail.  ;)

IMG_2693 Winnie is into the whole “Twilight” thing.  This is his take on Edward.


We are too late.  Rigamortis has set in.  (How in the world can she sleep like that?)


 IMG_4726 I wrenched my back out trying to get this shot. 

IMG_4752Winnie the contortionist.  Again, I wonder how they sleep like that?  Then again, I have a teenager who can sleep standing up lol.

For more kitty fun head over to Gattina’s.  Happy COT!


  1. Love all your shots of your cats - perfect timing!

  2. These are great shots of your cats!!! Love that Edward one of Winnie *LoL*
    Cats and Teenager can sleep in every position ...

  3. ROFL, what great pictures! I like the "Edward" picture too and also the "rigamortis" one.

  4. Your cats are funny sleeping in all those silly
    ways. Twilight's big at our house too! Team Jacob
    here. Glad you liked my snowcats pictures!

  5. I wish I could get comfortable that easy. That first picture was so funny. All the pictures were great.


  6. Kitties can sleep in their most odd position! Hehe sometimes I do also lots of positioning just to take a good shot of kitties and sometime people can't help but ask...what are you doing?

  7. Hahaha ! that's quite some funny pictures ! and what a sleeping pose !


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