Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekly Weigh-In

154 still.  No change.  No problem, happy that we are at least holding our own.  This weight loss has been quite slow for me but it’s to be expected.  #1 I am over 40 now and the hormones and metabolism are confused.  #2 I am not following a drastic diet, just eating less of the same food I’ve always eaten.  #3 I exercise but I’m not running any marathons here.  When I complained to someone at Thanksgiving that the weight loss was too slow she said not to worry, that losing slowly meant it was more likely to stay lost.  I am finding that to be true.  ;)

This week I’m weighing in on exercise dvd’s.  Love them!  I have a nice collection, but of course it’s always nice to have some variety.  (Holy cow, I just used “nice” twice in the same sentence.  Sister Margaret, my 11th grade English teacher, is going to kill me.)   Enter Netflix.  I finally caved in and started a subscription this year, mainly for their AWESOME exercise collection.  Not only can I rent an actual dvd, but they have tons of streaming videos as well.  I just move stuff out of the way and workout right there in front of my desk.  I don’t have to worry if it turns out that I don’t like the workout…I didn’t buy it!  (Can’t say the same for Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.  I did buy it and I hate it!)  So instead of investing $10 a month on one new exercise dvd I now spend that on an unlimited amount.  Cool.  Check out Kris’s weight loss journey at Eclipsed.  She has very inspiring posts (and hardly ever uses the word “nice.”)

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  1. I'm going to go write a post with the word "nice" in it right now. ;-) That reminds me of 6th grade when our teacher made us write thank you letters to the men who paved the school driveway. I got called on the carpet for using the word "nice" a few too many times in that note. I really disliked that teacher.

    That's great wisdom about losing the weight slowly. I'll have to keep that mind when I'm feeling frustrated.

    I bought the 30-Day Shred, too. I wasn't nearly as impressed with it as I thought I'd be. It didn't burn as many calories as I thought it would (I checked with my BodyBugg), so I ended up walking on the treadmill when I finished just to get a decent calorie burn. Also, I discovered that, if I'm going to continue the Shred, I need a more supportive support bra. Jumping jacks and jump rope = OUCH!


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