Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Recap

We had a most blessed and beautiful holiday.  I mean really, really wonderful.  No one was sick, dh was not on call, the family was all together…it was just lovely.

We spend Christmas Eve with dh’s family.  We used to have the gathering at the Boy Scout Camp where my fil was ranger, but he retired last year so this year we were graciously allowed to party down at my sil’s church.

IMG_4982 My sil always does a wonderful job with hosting.  She decorates and cooks up a storm.

IMG_4984 We arrived about an hour late as dh had to work a half day.  Everyone had just about finished eating when we finally got there.  This is my mom in the red and my dad in the brown jumpsuit on the right, talking with my bil.  Yes I know I said this was dh’s side of the family, but we grew up together so my family joins in as well.  :)

IMG_4985 One of my nephews and ds2.  I can tell ‘ya, this gang was up to no good the whole afternoon (including playing basketball outside IN THE RAIN.)  Boys are crazy like that.

IMG_4987 Dh’s oldest brother plays Santa.  With such a large family we draw names for the kiddos and play dirty Santa for the adults.

IMG_4994 Ds4 was very excited about his gift.

IMG_4999 My sil is very sweet and somehow every year I manage to draw a girl’s name for a gift.  :)  Hey, I don’t get to go down the girly aisle of stores any other time lol!  I drew my niece and got her some jewelry.

IMG_5006 Ds3 got legos and had them put together and played with them before we finished dessert lol.

Christmas day we open our gifts at home and then head to my parent’s home.  You many think I’m a bad mom, but I have no pics of our Christmas morning.  On purpose.  I instead was completely involved in the moment and have to say I enjoyed it even more without having to worry about getting a pic of everything.

IMG_5021 My dad’s tree.

IMG_5033 My niece, her husband and those adorable twins (in their Elmo p.j.’s!)  One of the twins was sitting by me at dinner, turned toward me and held out his arms to be picked up.  I fainted with joy and pulled him right into my lap.  Only to find out he was soaking wet lol.  I didn’t care, it was still a precious moment.  :)  We had over 30 family members present this year and it was heaven on earth.

I lied.  I did take one pic on Christmas morning.  I had to!

IMG_5019 ‘Cause this is the cutest thing ever!  I feel so blessed by all my family and am thankful for such a terrific holiday with them.


  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Glad you had a good one. But when will we see the fuzzy star of the blog again? Panting for the moment. Purrs and headbutts to you and your family for 2010.

  2. We had a quiet Christmas, but I can remember the days of the big family get togethers...they are the best! After reading your post, I miss them. Makes me wish my older kids didn't live so far away.

    Glad you had a good holiday.


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