Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rolling In Dough


Yes it’s true, I am the Christmas Cookie Queen.  However, this year I haven’t been as interested in the whole cookie scene…something to do with my weight loss endeavors you think?  ;)  Yes, losing 15 pounds gives you a little incentive to skip the Christmas goodies.  I’ve made a few goodies for my boys here and there, but why tempt myself?  I mentioned this to my husband and he totally guilted me…”Everyone will miss your cookie baskets!”  So today I gave in and made cookie dough.  4 to be precise, and a batch of Oreo Cookie treats.  Over the next few days I’ll bake them all up and package them to give out to the siblings and in-laws on Christmas Eve.  I shared the recipes for most of the cookies on my recipe blog last year and will post the others as I finish.  Please send good “avoiding sweet treats” vibes my way, and lots of them.  :)

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  1. Sending avoid those goodies vibes toward you. I have been craving sweets for the past two days, and I was doing so good!


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