Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Kris at Eclipsed hosts this weigh-in.  I am completely stoked to report that this morning the scale budged…in the right direction!  154.  Finally!  After weeks of hovering at the 156/157 mark I am down 2 pounds.  I even got on the scale twice to make sure lol.  So I started in August officially at 169 and am down to 154 (carry the two and…) that’s 15 pounds.  That sure sounds nice and feels even better.

Now I would like to “weigh-in” about exercise and weight loss.  I have exercised since high school.  As my family grew I worked out less and less but still did work out.  Exercise is great for your health.  Your body needs it.  When I was pregnant with ds4 I had the gestational diabetes.  When I would prick the finger and get a high number all I had to do was a quick pregnancy workout tape and BOOM the number goes down.  Not a lot of exercise, not intense exercise, just a little moving around did the trick.

It is my humble opinion that reducing how many calories you take in is the key to weight loss.  Exercise helps improve your health and fitness level but is not the only part of losing weight.  Consider this.  You have to do 30 minutes of straight aerobics exercise just to burn 200 calories.  I usually fit in about 30 minutes when I do workout (that’s warm up, cool down and stretch) but you have to go for an hour or more for any serious calorie burning.  I just can’t do that.  The Biggest Losers do that because that’s why they are there…they have no families around to take care of, no job to go to, no cleaning to do.  All they have to do is lose weight.  And guess what?  Even when they are injured (as several were this season) and CAN’T exercise they still lose big pounds each week.  Because they are restricting their caloric intake.  It stinks, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  I hate measuring my cereal and milk in the morning, putting only 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on my low-cal bread, but by gosh it works.  So while I like the body I am getting with all the exercise, I know that I still have to keep a firm control over the eating.

Please go visit Eclipsed.  Kris is doing a great job with her weight loss and has insightful posts about her journey (and it doesn’t hurt to look at her neat Twilight themed blog.  Team Edward!  Sigh.)


  1. Great job Julie! I agree, it takes both parts, eating and exercise, to be healthy. And I can exercise all I want and lose nothing unless i keep my eating sensible. Sigh. I wish it worked in reverse and I could eat all I want so long as I exercised consistently.

  2. Great job! Doesn't it feel great to get that scale moving in the right direction again when it's been stubborn for awhile?

    I totally agree about watching your calorie intake. Weight loss, for all the millions of dollars of product out there to facilitate it, really is as simple as calories in/calories out. Measuring food really does stink sometimes, but necessary (for me, anyway) to keep myself on track.

    I agree with Tristan -- I'd love to be able to eat whatever I wanted as long as I exercise.


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