Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cats On Tuesday: Mimi’s Room


I have never gotten my kitties their own little bed…why bother, they use our beds (and tables, and chairs and laps and etc) all the time for napping.  But this holiday I broke down and got a cute little tent/bed thingy from Pet Smart.

IMG_5149 So far Mimi is the only taker.  Aw, just look at her being all cute in her little bedroom.  :)  The funny thing is, even she wouldn’t get in the thing until I just happened to place in on the school room table.

IMG_5159 Now, in it’s newly coveted position, the bed has drawn more interest.

IMG_5165 Katy circled around and waited as long as she could, but Mimi wasn’t budging.

IMG_5167 Not a bit.

IMG_5169 I don’t think Katy would have fit in there anyway.  For more kitty fun visit Gattina’s and Happy Cats On Tuesday!


  1. What a cute little "house" ! I also realized that all baskets, cat towers, tents etc I have bought for them are left a part for a simple stupid carton where a lamp or something else was in, lol!
    It's very frustrating.

  2. That's a really cute kitty tent/bed -- looks like Mimi is really enjoying it!

  3. They are so cute! I bought a cat bed once and the never used it. Two months ago when I got Thumper and Humpty Dumpty, they came with beds. Now two of mine sleep in THEIR beds. Go figure!

    No one tells a cat what to do; I think that's one reason I like them so much.

  4. Mimi you looks cute in your little bedroom. It looks very cozy!

  5. Those little kitty tents or condos are absolutely awesome! We have one that has two levels and one that looks more like the one you've got. Once one began to use it, very soon there was a line!

  6. I think sometimes one cat just claims the bed as
    theirs because they like those cuddly spaces.
    That is a very lovely pattern on that cat bed.

  7. What a lovely little cat cottage! Mimi really loves it.

  8. My cats want a house like that too, preferably one for each!


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