Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekly Weigh In


Well I actually dropped another pound, down to 152 now, despite not exercising since last Wednesday because of my backache.  In full disclosure I will mention that I had a bit of a stomach thing going on yesterday which may have contributed lol.  Not the best way to lose weight, but whatever.  It reminded me of what happened right before my wedding 21 years ago.  I came down with a nasty stomach flu thing AFTER the final fitting of my dress but before I picked it up.  The owner of the dress shop was so ticked off with me because I had lost some weight and the dress needed further altering.  Uh, hello, I didn’t mean for that to happen lady!

Anywho, the back is feeling better at last!  I even did a very mild workout this morning (well actually only about 1/3 of a very mild workout, but it’s all about baby steps folks.)  My back still hurts but I am not as bent over and I can actually move.  I don’t know what I did to it, but I can say the only thing that really helped was my heating pad and staying off my feet.  Advil did nothing (but upset my stomach.)  And just try “goggling” back ache people.  No one can make up their mind about what you are supposed to do about it.  Bed rest, no keep moving, ice, no heat, take this, no take that!  Ugh.

Kris, who is hosting this weekly weigh in, asked about our favorite exercise dvds.  Well I agree with Kris that Jillian Michaels is evil and should be banned not my cup of tea.  Her workouts are kinda boring and she is, well, just mean and not encouraging at all.


I really like Leslie Sansone for an easy, encouraging workout.


I like The Firm for a good overall cardio and weight training routine.


I like Kathy Smith for variety.


  If you want a kick booty super challenging workout it’s Cathe Friedrich for you.  She  is amazing but very tough.  Come to think of it, she may be to blame for my back…

I am looking forward to the new season of The Biggest Loser tonight, and to my back continuing to improve so I can get back to working out!  Please visit Kris at Eclipsed for more weekly weigh ins. 


  1. Not the best way to lose weight for sure! I am trying to eat healthier this year. Too bad chocolate tastes so much better.

  2. Yay on the one pound loss! You're right -- not a fun way to lose it, but if you're like me sometimes we'll take what we can get. ;-)

  3. Good for you no matter how you did it. I keept praying this will be my year to lose, I really need to to-I have become so overweight. Hopefully we will both reach our goal this year.



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