Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cats On Tuesday: A New Toy


My dh won a treadmill off Ebay and we picked it up this past weekend.  This thing is a monster!  It isn’t easy to move around and won’t fit through my bedroom door so right now it’s sitting in my living room.  Of course the cats have enjoyed figuring out just what it is.

IMG_5403 Katy went the obvious route and decided it was a new bed.

IMG_5421 Winston has only used it as a bridge to reach the fireplace.

IMG_5419 Now Smokey has the right idea!  Exercise time.  :)

IMG_5404 Mimi sat looking at it and meowing for quite a while.

IMG_5405 Wait a minute…why have you lifted your paw?

IMG_5406 Ack!  Little Miss Agile decided to investigate this thing further.

IMG_5407 Hmm, where is the catnip button?

IMG_5409 I’m the queen of the world!  Wait, Mimi, don’t even think about it…

IMG_5411 She boldly goes where no cat has gone before…the top of the t.v. cabinet.

IMG_5414 Will you at least dust for me while you are up there?  The little stinker.  She knows I can never be angry with her.  ;)

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  1. How cute she is and so smart!
    Hello friends, wow this new "toy" looks really interesting!
    I love the sequence of these pictures, a great story!
    by the way, I also love to climb, it's funny!

  2. Such cute pictures. Of course that treadmill is theirs. It never occurred to them that it belonged to the humans.


  3. Lol, so typical of our lovely feline to make everything their bed and playground

  4. How cute ! at least somebody uses your treadmill, lol ! Miss Agile is a real female Tarzan !

  5. LOL, Mimi's quite the creative thinker and problem solver! How to get way up high? Hmmm...

    Love the pictures, they're so cute!

    BTW, happened to see the list of books you've read in 2008. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is my all-time-favorite book. I think I must have read it a dozen times!

  6. Haha, the kitties are really curious and found various uses for it with Smokey walking in style.

  7. Thats cute. Our cats would be curious about that treadmill too!
    Wow, that is a great observing place on the cabinet.

  8. I enjoyed your pictures of cats doing what they
    do best investigating new things and being nosy!

  9. Mimi is so athletic and what great pics of her in motion

  10. Mimi is so cute and definitely queen of the world. How cool that you caught her in action! The other kitties are cute, too, of course!


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