Monday, January 25, 2010

Homemade Valentines

I signed the boys up for a Valentines swap and thought I’d share the fun we have had making our little treasures.

A trip to Target yielded most all of our supplies, and thankfully most all came from the $1 bin!

IMG_5340 We found a pack of pencils, a 4 pack of super cute stampers, a tub of foam hearts in all sizes and plenty of pretty scrapbook paper.  I cut some red cardstock into quarters and folded each quarter to make a basic card.

IMG_5337 IMG_5339  Then we just glued a  strip of coordinating scrap paper in the middle.

IMG_5342 My 5yo came up with the idea to attach a small foam heart to a larger one and place in the middle of the card.  He just LOVES hearts lol.  He was also in charge of stamping designs along the borders.  (This card has little x’s and o’s.)

IMG_5344 Working as a team, ds3 and ds4 got quite a few finished in one sitting.  I wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the inside and ds3 did the “to and from.”

I found this idea on the Family Fun site.  It’s good for girls and boys and even older kiddos.

IMG_5346 You cut a heart shape out of cardstock (found a good pattern here.)  On the front write “You make my heart *glow*” (and embellish with stamps or whatnot.) I have a heart hole punch and used it in the corner of the card.  Then we put a foam heart on each end of a glow stick bracelet to make an arrow.  Insert the arrow through the heart hole punched in the front and tape it down to the back of the card.  You can write the “to and from” on the back.  Simple but so cute!

Lastly we found this card to make good use of that $1 pack of pencils.

IMG_5349 The link above has the butterfly template.  You just cut some out on pretty construction paper or cardstock and cut a slit for the pencil in the middle.  Instead of the “dots” on the template, I used some of the heart punch pieces we had laying around to decorate the wings.  Add a pipe cleaner for the antennae and there ‘ya go!  Cute homemade Valentines.  :)

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