Monday, January 18, 2010

Cats On Tuesday: The Temp


Mimi follows me everywhere and is therefore known as my Executive Assistant.  However, she has been slacking lately and the temp agency sent over this guy…

IMG_5371 Old Blue Eyes himself, Winnie.

IMG_5357 Ready for duty, Mom!

IMG_5369 He got to work right away, helping me at my desk.

IMG_5362 Next we worked on the boys’ lesson plans.

IMG_5359 The never ending pile of laundry.

IMG_5355 “Sorry I was a slacker, mom, can we get rid of the temp now?”

IMG_5364 “Thank goodness she’s back, that was exhausting!”

For more kitty fun please visit Gattina, and Happy COT everyone!


  1. That half-way cross-eyed look is precious!

  2. Does Winnie use an eyeliner, his eyes look so beautiful !
    I think you forgot to come to my blog and put your link in McLincky, if you don't nobody knows that you are playing !

  3. what a beautiful blue eyes he got!!
    I always want to have a kitty with blue eyes like him!!!

  4. Oh my what tantalizing eyes you got!


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