Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, Old Back

We had a fun New Year’s despite some small setbacks.

IMG_5118 Ds4 and I made some sparkly glasses to ring in the new year.

IMG_5119 This looks goofy, but it was totally fun.  We poured some confetti (okay, the remnants from the 3 hole punch) into balloons and hung them from the ceiling fan.  Every hour we popped one.  The confetti flew everywhere and after a few hours the boys were making “confetti angels” on the living room floor.  :)

We enjoyed a few fireworks leftover from the 4th.

IMG_5129It took some of us a while to warm up to the idea.

IMG_5138 IMG_5131IMG_5139  But eventually the lure of fire won him over.  :)

Amid the wonderful evening of fun and fellowship with my brother and his wife I was hunched over with my back ache and my sil fell outside and hurt both her wrists and cheek!  It’s all good, though, we stayed inside and let the men have their fun while we gossiped discussed current events.  ;)  Ds4 made a funny today…he was wearing his 2010 glasses and came running up to me yelling “Happy, uh,…” at which point he took off the glasses, looked at the number and said, “2010!”  Thank goodness for those glasses lol!  Alas, the holidays are officially over.  The tree is packed away and we are enjoying our last weekend before school begins again.  Hope you all are, too. 


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family. It sounds like you had a great night of celebrating. So sorry about your back pain; I hope it feels better soon.

  2. Happy New Year! Hope your back feels better soon. I can imagine making those glasses with my kids. They'd find a way to get glitter in their eyes.


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