Friday, January 8, 2010

Template Time?

Okay, I am tired of switching templates so often and them not being just what I want and the creators not hosting them anymore and etc.  I am looking for a cute template I can buy or someone who can make me one.  Link up, ladies!


  1. I designed my own using the framework of a blog from template momma. I don't think she has any up anymore though.
    I used my own backgrounds and worked on the html until I got it the way I like it.
    That way I can change it when I want to. : )

  2. I wish I could help, but I get bored of my backgrounds easily, so I so change them often. I won't spend money on something I'll only keep for a bit. Now, if I were as smart as Pam, I'd follow her suggestion! :)

  3. I think I am addicted to changing my background. I don't know if I could stick with one for very long.
    I wouldn't begin to know how to do what Pam did, sounds complicated.


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