Friday, January 8, 2010

Homeschool Kindergarten: MFW Cc for Cow


This week ds4 is studying the letter Cc and cows.  We started off the week with a dairy themed muffin tin meal.

IMG_5225 Here is my little goof ball mixing up the chocolate pudding.

IMG_5226 Cheese popcorn, milk, chocolate pudding, buttered toast, yogurt.

IMG_5224 We went through the fridge and pulled out all the dairy products he could think off.  He was so cute at first, he thought I said “Gary” products and began listing off all the things Gary, SpongeBob’s pet snail, eats. 

We then searched the newspaper ads for pictures of dairy products for a collage.  He was thrilled when he asked how to arrange the pics on the paper and I said, “Any way you want…that’s a collage!”


IMG_5231 I found a cute cow themed book on Kidssoup but changed it up a little.  The original book had all the cows with black spots, but I made some of them with different colors so he could review both colors and numbers.

Since our last lesson was on goats and our next one on horses I have also incorporated a farm theme into ds’s work.  We colored and cut out pics of some animals that live on farms and discussed what jobs they do or what they provide.

For crafts ds made “a puppet friend” (oh how I love this age) and a cute “cows in the field” fingerprint painting.


IMG_5232 What I love most about this is that he added the apple tree on his own…complete with roots lol.  As he drew it he narrated what he remembered when we studied apples and trees.  Yes, my homeschool mom’s heart swelled.  :)  As much as I dislike the endless lesson planning, worrying about end of year evals and the huge time commitment that homeschooling entails, I get DAILY reminders from my children as to why I do this.  They ARE learning, they ARE thriving and it IS worth the effort on my part.

Another fun week with My Father’s World.  Head over to Mishmash Maggie’s to see more Weekly Homeschool Highlights.


  1. Very sweet! I can hardly believe I'll be starting K with my second child in September. WOW! I'll have to check in with all the moms doing MFW-K and get some new ideas. The "cows in the field" fingerprint painting is very cute.

  2. I really liked the muffin tin idea with the dairy products. We haven't reached the C-Cow lesson yet so that will be fun to do with my girls. I know what you mean about the daily reminders. Sometimes it feels really hard but it is so worth it. This is our first year and I wish I had started sooner. :)

  3. I can't imagine all the work this takes; but it looks like fun!

  4. it looks so fun!! i'm starting K with my daughter next week. and can't wait!! i don't know who is more excited. lol.


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