Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time To Panic

You know how you dread THAT appointment every year?  You ladies know the one I’m talking about.  Well dummy me thought mine was last month but they never called and I never went so I thought I was off the hook for a while.  Then I answered the phone this morning (mistake number one) and it’s the Ob/Gyn office confirming my appt at 2:30 today.  “Uh, oh yeah, 2:30 today,” I stammered, not wanting to sound like the idiot I am.  I ran and checked all my calendars and appt books and saw nothing about an appt today!!  Well, there goes staying in my robe all day.  Not only do I now have to shower but I have to shave, too.  Curses.  Well at least dh didn’t mind when I called and asked if he could come home a little early so I could go endure the evilness of it all.

There will be some goodness mixed with all the evil (I hope!)  I do like my doctor, she is funny and good natured (and oddly enough always has a pack of Marlboro cigarettes in the pocket of her scrubs.)  I have been wanting to show off my 17 pound weight loss to someone, now is my chance (although having the appt earlier in the day would have been to my advantage.)  And an hour away from the daily grind is good even if it involves all kinds of evil torture (we moms take what we can get!)  Sigh.  Well, I feel a little better now that I have gotten all that out.  I will feel MUCH better when the deed is done and I can put it out of my mind for another year.  Oh please don’t let someone go into labor and make me have to reschedule!!


  1. I just love your post. I wouldn't have the courage to talk about that on my blog LOL but I agree with you 100%! I hope the deed went quickly for you.

  2. Yes, I know the one you are talking about, you poor thing! Look at it this way, not knowing until the last minute kept you from stressing about it for days!! Also, enjoy sharing your hard work with the Doc too, they just love seeing us taking better care of ourselves! Keep up the good work on the weight loss!

  3. Hope your appt. went as well as possible. I knew I was a SAHM with young kids when I looked forward to that appointment because it meant I got a few hours out of the house by myself. :) That is one appointment I refuse to take kids to!


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