Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Family Message Board

Actually it’s more than just a message board, it’s the family information center!  I got the idea from an article in Southern Living.

IMG_5462 This is the door to our garage.  Luckily for me it’s in the kitchen and magnetic so it made the perfect spot for creating a family info center.  Dh kindly mounted a cork board for me.  I bought a desk sized calendar and he mounted that at the top of the board.  On here everyone writes in important appointments and dates.  Under that we have a list of phone numbers for dh’s work and a list for our family.

IMG_5464 This is a cute little dry erase board I found at the dollar store (it had magnets on the back already, but you can easily attach some if need be.)  On it I write the dinner menus for the week.

IMG_5466 Got this clever idea from Good Housekeeping.  I used to have a marker and pencil just hanging from a piece of yarn but that wasn’t really working out.  I found a little pop-up top container of gum (that the boys were more than willing to empty for me lol) and covered it with some leftover scrap paper.  I attached a strip of magnet to the back and voila!  A pen and pencil holder!

This whole idea is very simple but so efficient and useful.  It is easy to customize and personalize and has been a great help to my family.


  1. These are some really cute ideas. I do something similar on the side of our fridge. Btw, Julie, you are welcome to anymore snow we have. I will send it your way. : )

  2. This is such a great idea! Our door to the garage is in a hall, but this makes me wish it was in the kitchen!


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