Friday, February 5, 2010

Just One Of Those Days…

that turned into a week lol.  Dh was unexpectedly called out of town this week.  He was supposed to be back today, but will have to stay until tomorrow.  For some reason things go haywire when he leaves us.  We’ve been dealing with it all pretty well and I am proud of all my boys for their efforts.  Here is the tally so far.

  • The carpet guy came and measured only to talk some foreign math language and basically dash my dreams of new carpet because of the pattern I picked.  Luckily he didn’t trip over any of my boys or their numerous Lego creations on the floor.
  • The transmission in the van went out.  To the tune of $2000.00.  I am getting the feeling that the powers that be just don’t want me to have new carpet yet.
  • The modem and the router had a tiff and haven’t spoken to each other since the middle of the week.  The cable guy tried counseling them but the router decided to leave.  The new router isn’t as friendly as the last and it and the modem are in a loveless relationship.  The boys are devastated.
  • The first day I got my van back it forgot to take it’s meds and rejected the donor transmission.  It’s back at the hospital.
  • Ds1 had a job interview and I sent him to the wrong place.  We have barely gotten the minimal amount of schooling done and the boys are beginning to balk at pizza.  What, we’ve only had it for, like, 4 meals in a row or something.  Worst mother of the year award, here I come!

I am soooo ready for tomorrow when my dh, my soul mate, my grounding wire comes home to us and our lives get back to (our kind of) normal.  ;)


  1. Aww! Poor you. IT does sound like a bad week. My kids, on the other hand, would be thrilled to have pizza four meals in a row. They would be giving you the awesome mom award.

  2. You really have had a challenging week! Sorry, but I had to laugh about the wrong place for the interview...sounds like something I would have done - lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog. When things slow down and no rush...would you share your sweet potato recipe? Hope your weekend goes better!

  3. Yes, some days it's better to stay in bed "under cover" !

    Rosie is better, thank you ! she ate normal can food this morning but didn't touch my with love cooked liver ! But at least she ate and has also bitten Mr. G. ! This time he was happy about it, lol !

  4. LoL Julie I'm new to your blog and I have to say you have a great sense of humor!! I hope this next week is easier than the last =-}


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